OBD Dongle

The “Uranus” device is a professional vehicle diagnostic OBDII Device, designed by Remowireless, to allow the easy access to a vehicle's electronic control units (ECUs), to collect the live data parameters (PIDs) and the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). Those very valued data are widely used in many fields today.

Bluetooth4.2 Low Energy
Standard OBDII Interface SAE J1962;ISO 15031-3
ProtocolCAN ISO15765-4
FOTAFOTA via Bluetooth
Standalone watchdogSupport
Supply voltage12V Systems 
Power consumptionUltra-Low
LEDsBluetooth, CAN
Dimension48*25*32 mm

It can be widely used in the automotive diagnosis industry. Plug it into the vehicle's OBDII interface to realize real-time reading of vehicle information, fault code reading and analysis to ensure that users can control the status of the car at any time.

The following two customization methods are used to implement consumer and industry applications:

1. The device can be connected to the customized APP through BLE, and the APP can display the vehicle status data to the driver as intuitive and easy to understand way at any time.

2. The device bindings Remo’s self-developed TrackerX device to implement back-end cloud storage of vehicle data. Showing vehicle diagnostic status, vehicle location services, track playback, electronic fences, driving behavior analysis and other data.