Face Payment Solution

A “Face recognition payment device” which is certified by the Bank Card Test Center (BCTC). It supports various payment methods, such as face-recognition payment, “Bar code scanning” payment, and traditional POS. Using enhanced live detection module, the accuracy of anti-live attack is as high as 99.9%. At the same time, two methods of dynamic encryption chip and static anti-disassembly design are used to support the highest security level in financial payment scenarios.

Size226.5*63.2*33.8 mm
StyleFace-reading payment device, large screen with base, rotation axis supports 0-80 degrees; various external plug-in connectors. (RJ45 network interface、USB*2)
Camera moduleFace-recognition payment device, foldable case with 8 inches LCD, rotation axis supports 0-80 degrees; various external plug-in connectors. RJ45 network interface、USB*2)
LCD Touch Screen8',1280*800,16:9,CTP Multi-touch
4G ModuleBuilt-in
Cellular4G LTE,Support all Chinese Carriers
Encryption chipSupport
OSThe Cloud Flash Payment APP is pre-installed to support the face payment process.

● The design is light and the ID is beautiful. It can support a variety of installation methods, so it is easy to place and carry. The flat plate can be freely adjusted to 0-80 degrees with the rotating shaft and can be folded. It can be used with UnionPay cloud flash payment app to facilitate customers' face brushing and payment

● Powerful computing power processor and capacitive multi touch screen make operation more smooth and free

● Adopt the enhanced live detection module which is certified by BCTC. 

It supports the highest security level in financial payment scenarios, and the accuracy rate against live attacks is as high as 99.9%

● Use AI (artificial intelligence), big data and other advanced technologies to achieve precise and fast portrait collection and recognition; 

Quickly and accurately implement the face payment function, while supporting multi cashier mode.

The product supports up to 1000Mbps Ethernet port and high bandwidth LAN connection

● The USB interface supports "master" and "slave" modes, and can flexibly connect with various existing cash register devices in various ways. 

It can support optional accessories, such as encrypted keyboard, numeric keyboard, printer and code scanner, etc.